Non sottostimare lo spazio

Let your type breathe. Don’t be afraid to leave blank spaces in your pages. This negative or white space will help focus attention on the text — and it’s the text that speaks loudest, so let it be heard. Next, remember the line-space CSS property; a good rule of thumb is line-spacing that’s at least 140% of your text size.
Good type designers put a whole lot of effort into the micro white space the sits inside and surrounds their type. They spend countless hours attempting to achieve a balance between the black of the type and negative or white space that it envelops. Likewise we should take time to consider the macro white space, the ‘voids’ that shape our blocks of text.

[iLT: guida alla tipografia per il web]

Lasciate respirare i carateri. Non abbiate paura di lasciare spazi bianchi.

Mi piace l’ironia, soprattutto quando è educativa.


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